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I love to see difficulties as opportunities. Corporate culture is the foundation of innovation, success and employee motivation. I accompany organizations in the further development and transformation of their corporate culture to make their team, top management or board of directors even better, more innovative. As a lecturer in Innovation and Design Thinking at the University of Lausanne and the Geneva School of Economics and my experience as a political scientist, Topmanager and State Chancellor, I draw on my experience and lessons learned to help your team thrive.

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Innovation initiatives and incubators  

civicLab Innovation initiatives and incubators

CivicLab and MATZA have embarked on a fascinating project called MATZA Edgelands, in partnership with the EDGELANDS Institute, based in Geneva and incubated at Harvard University. This four-year initiative is set to take place in seven cities worldwide, including Medellin and Cucuta in Colombia, Nairobi in Kenya, Geneva in Switzerland, Chicago in the USA, Singapore, and Beirut in Lebanon, from 2021 to 2025.

MATZA Edgelands is a unique initiative that brings together art and science to address critical issues of democracy and security in large urban centers. Working closely with the EDGELANDS Institute, MATZA Edgelands aims to develop a collaborative approach fueled by both academic rigor and creative expression. By exploring the informal spaces and margins of cities, the project seeks to build bridges between different communities, creating new forms of social contract that are emerging today.

At the heart of this project are two organizations that share a common vision. CivicLab, a boutique consulting firm, is focused on innovation and corporate culture, helping to create functioning teams that are passionate about their cause and trust each other. MATZA, on the other hand, is a project-manifesto that aims to use art to address current social and environmental issues through collective dynamics and immersion in emblematic territories.

Together with the Edgelands institute, CivicLab and MATZA are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, bringing together diverse groups of people to explore the complex relationship between society and the environment. By using art as a means of engagement, MATZA Edgelands is opening up new ways of thinking about democracy, security, and sustainability in today’s rapidly changing world.


civicLab initiates and organizes different types of incubators in order to encourage innovation within a company or sector of activity.