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I love to see difficulties as opportunities. Corporate culture is the foundation of innovation, success and employee motivation. I accompany organizations in the further development and transformation of their corporate culture to make their team, top management or board of directors even better, more innovative. As a lecturer in Innovation and Design Thinking at the University of Lausanne and the Geneva School of Economics and my experience as a political scientist, Topmanager and State Chancellor, I draw on my experience and lessons learned to help your team thrive.

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Innovation and Strategy Training  

civicLab Innovation and Strategy Training

Strategic facilitation

Vision definition

Innovation and corporate culture

Design thinking for your career

Design thinking methods

Corporate culture workshops  

civicLab Corporate culture workshops

Purpose defining (individual and company or team)

leadership development training

Self-management and new work (flexible structures, remote team, trust culture)

Trust and healthy communication

Change as a chance to grow

Emotions and conflict management

Productivity and time management

Innovation initiatives and incubators  

civicLab Innovation initiatives and incubators

civicLab initiates and organizes different types of incubators in order to encourage innovation within a company or sector of activity.