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Leadership Coaching.

If you prefer a more private setting, we can discuss your plans and dreams, reveal your purpose and next challenge in one to one coaching sessions or sparring partner discussions. Coaching is a very powerful way to deepen your learning, to address your challenges as well as a great leadership development. I use the CTI co-active model where I hold that every person is naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Nobody can know your best path forward better than you. But I can help you explore, find it and create your own actions to achieve it.

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One to one coaching  

civicLab One to one coaching

As a coach I can help you to get clarity on you goals and purpose, to implement the changes you dream of and to move on. My main focus in coaching is to help middle aged people who had a challenging career and want to quit their hamster wheel and don’t know what they want to do next.

If you are looking for new horizons in your professional or personal life,

If you feel overwhelmed,

If you crave change but don’t know where to start,

If you have the impression to by systematically behind your schedule,

If you crave connection,

If you need more distance,

If you want to make a difference in the world,

please contact me for more detail info @ and for booking a free discussion.

Team coaching  

civicLab Team coaching

Your team is great but there are often tensions and people waste time with unhealthy conflicts. You are all motivated, but not quite sure if you are all share the same vision? A team coaching or a team detox can release the tensions, increase not only the productivity of the team or the company but also increase the motivation and help you to attract the best talents.

Please contact me for more detail info @ and for booking a free discussion.


civicLab Retreats

Sometimes we just need to get away, really invest in ourselves to ‘figure it all out’. To get off the beaten track, take stock or simply let yourself be inspired by breathtaking landscapes, civicChallenge organises occasional retreats. Follow our news. Sign up and Stay tuned for next Uncover editions !